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The gridiron's best.


By: The Review | Towanda Daily Review | December 25, 2015 | Photo courtesy Brian Fees


The gridiron's best: The All-Region football players for 2015After a season in which he led the Tioga Tigers to the state title Jesse Manuel heads this year's The Daily & Sunday Review All-Region football team.

Manuel finishes his career as the state's second all-time leading rusher, with over 8,000 yards, and he finished this year with over 2,500 yards.

Manuel's coach, Nick Aiello, is the coach of the year after leading the Tigers to the state title.

Waverly's Peyton Miller helped lead the Wolverines to a sectional title and he's the offensive player of the year, while Troy senior Kyle Schucker is the defensive player of the year.

Wyalusing's Dalton Chilson is the lineman of the year, while Wellsboro quarterback Quinn Henry, who ran and threw for over 1,000 yards this year, is the newcomer of the year.

A new award this year is the most dangerous player award, for the player who can hurt a team in every facet of the game. The winner of that is Athens' Kalen Keathley, who had touchdowns on offense, defense and special teams this year.

Players are generally selected for either offense or defense on the all-region team so more players have a chance to make the team. However, there are years where a player or two are so dominant they end up on offense and defense. This year Manuel is on both the offense and defense.

Miller is the first team quarterback, while Troy's Ben Sherman is the fullback and Manuel and Lucas Jennings of Wyalusing are the running backs.

The first-team receivers are Joel Whitteker of North Penn-Mansfield, Shane Carpenter of Waverly and Austin Lister of Athens.

Keathley is the versatility player on first team and Steven Yates of Towanda is the utility player.

The first team offensive line includes Owen Covert of Wellsboro, Chilson, Takota Kelly of Troy, Zach Hutchinson of Tioga, Eli Compton of North Penn-Mansfield and Ty Kuzman of Notre Dame. Tanner Folk of Tioga is the kicker.

The first team defense has Mason Martell of Canton, Parker Jones of Wellsboro, Luke Newman of Athens and Tylor Belles of Sayre.

Schucker, Nick Tremper of Wellsboro, Adam Zwierlein of Tioga, Todd Koss of Towanda and Josh Knolles of Waverly are the linebackers, while North Penn-Mansfield's Garrett Bickhart, Brendyn Stillman of Waverly, Manuel and Josh Mastrantuono of Waverly are the defensive backs.

The versatility player on defense is Ryan Kipp of Wyalusing, Henry is the utility player and Tyler Basse of Towanda is the first-team punter.

Brock Burleigh of North Penn-Mansfield is the second-team quarterback, while Sayre's Garrett Weaver is the fullback and Keegan Kisner of Towanda and Connor Calaman of CV are the running backs.

Nick Klossner of Tioga, D.J. Meyers of Waverly and Bryce Cole of Canton are the receivers and Tim Davis of Notre Dame is the versatility player, while Chase Moser of Wellsboro is the utility player.

The linemen are Phil Kneller of Wyalusing, Caleb Manwaring of Tioga, Phil Hall of Sayre, Avery Chandler of Athens, Kaleb Smith of Wellsboro, Caleb Decker of Tioga and Collin Binford of Troy is the kicker.

The second-team defense includes Ben Gates of Waverly, Jon Morrison of Wyalusing, Bill Bennett of Athens and Trey Howey of Tioga.

Gabe Sporn of Athens, Derrick Stark of Notre Dame, Zach Blayda of Tioga, Matt LaBadie of Notre Dame and Braydon Rice of Waverly are the linebackers, while Hunter Cohick of Troy, Zach Sheppeck of Athens and Brendan Hill of Mansfield are the defensive backs.

Collin Edsell of Wyalusing is the versatility player and Mason Gee of North Penn-Mansfield is the punter.

The third team quarterback is Aaron Barry of Athens and Michael Ward of Sayre, Iman McKay of Notre Dame and Brad Pequignot of North Penn-Mansfield are the running backs.

Joey Brown of CV, Alex Butcher of Troy and Brandon Lamphier of Wellsboro are the receivers and Malachi Washington of Canton and Derek Frederick of Wyalusing are the versatility and utility players on the third team.

The third-team line is Ben Jenkins of Towanda, Dawson Otis of Wyalusing, Seth Robbins of Canton, Shane Kelly of North Penn-Mansfield, Caleb Manwaring of Tioga and Zach Hatch of Sayre. Hunter Bodine of Waverly is the kicker.

Vince Bova of North Penn-Mansfield, Rob Rigby of Troy, Nate Swain of Troy and Craig McCutcheon of Sayre are all on the third-team defense.

Trenton Fousnaught of CV, Kalob Benjamin of Towanda, Dan Blackman of Waverly, Matt Eberlin of Sayre and Garrett Sutryk of Waverly were all on the third-team defense.

Troy’s Hunter Cohick, Griffin Sites of Towanda, Alex Kozuhowski of Wellsboro and Jake Goodrich of Sayre are on the third team defense, with Collin Pietropola of Wellsboro and Brady Bryington of Canton.